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As homeschool parents, we all like reassurance that we are making the right choices for our children, and that their personal educational needs are being met.  At Ignited Learning Home Education Resources, LLC, we want our evaluations to provide that reassurance, instilling confidence in families as they pursue education with the freedom homeschooling provides, rather than just fulfilling the requirements of the law. 

Having the benefit of both home schooling and teaching in the public school system allows for a fair, accurate, and in-depth evaluation process.  Research indicates that not all children learn in the same way, in addition to it being clear that learning can be measured in many ways outside of the standardized test.  The time spent helping design and create appropriate learning opportunities for gifted students as well as crafting appropriate plans for struggling students through Response to Intervention (RtI)/Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) provides the framework for fully comprehending the concept of individualization and the importance of it in all types of education. 

Evaluations are based on each child individually with their own learning style and timeline firmly in mind.  We speak "educationeze" fluently and understand how to create data points to justify evaluation conclusions.

$200.00 per child