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Creating a Body of Knowledge

P. Wolfe (2010) in Brain matters: Translating research into classroom practice reported that the human brain functions through the act of using information in which it has already established a context.  Therefore, if information is presented that does not match an established context in the brain; this information will be discarded as useless. 

If a child does not have a broad body of knowledge, traditional learning practices become unproductive.  This body of knowledge can be built at home as your children participate in YOUR day, or with experiences that are out of their everyday life (field trip), or learning how to deal with hard situations or helping with service projects.  This sounds too simple to work but it is the key!  It starts a conversation with your child that will last the rest of your life.

Field trips are a great way to begin building a body of knowledge, even with very young children.  This can be magnified by doing some research before the trip and then thinking of questions during your trip to explore when you get home.

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Being involved in your day and work can teach your children many things about the broader world IF YOU SHARE IT WITH THEM.  Tell them about what you are doing, and why; talk with them about your day; allow them to help you even if it makes it harder.


Helping with a Service Project offers the opportunity to think about other people, other cultures, and helps children understand that there is a great big world out there, beyond their experience, that  is interesting and fun to explore.

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